Controversial 'origin of mankind' lesson from Texas State

As you will learn in most science-based classes, all humans originated in Africa and that's what a Texas State professor teaches in his anthropology class but according to several students in his lecture yesterday, that idea didn't sit well. 

He says he mentioned the “Black Lives Matter” movement is his Monday lecture as an example of how much race plays a big role  in the United States.
His main topic was origins of modern humans and he says science proves humans began in Africa.
Social media took off in his classroom, at least three students say they heard smart comments in the crowd around them and some people were offended by the topic at hand.
Some students took to social media to post some leaving in the middle of lecture.  Professor  Jon Mcgee says his class has 390 students so he did not witness the students leave his class, but the witnesses in the crowd say they heard and know why some left.

“There was one guy who was like ‘sure like of course we're from Africa,’” sarcastically. You can't be closed minded in a class like that These conversations need to be had and people are going to be uncomfortable with it,” said Justine Lundy, student inside the classroom at the time of the lecture.

Considering the large class size, professor McGee says although he didn't see it directly, it is very possible someone got offended and walked out, but he has no exact basis to determine their reasoning.