Controversial Travis Co. GOP chairman Robert Morrow may be unseated

At first glance it's clear, Robert Morrow is far from "politics as usual."
He's rarely seen without a jester hat on his head.

"I call it truth in advertising.  I'm the only one doing that, you know because a lot of them are clowns.  But I'm an honest clown," Morrow said.

From the get-go the Travis County GOP has been trying to unseat him.

"Well because I'm not a party hack," he said.

Earlier in the week, Morrow was escorted away from the Trump rally at the Expo Center.  He was carrying a huge sign accusing Trump of a criminal act.

On Thursday the Travis County Republicans sent out a cryptic press release saying "Acting Travis County Republican Party Chairman David J. Duncan is scheduled to make an important announcement Friday morning involving the future of the local GOP."

Wait a minute...isn't Morrow the chairman?  Who is acting chair David J. Duncan?

"That's not true, he's not the acting chair that is just a fantasy...and I don't know what my political opponent hacks in the local GOP are up to but it's probably illegal," he said.

The Republican Party was coy to comment before Friday's announcement.  But sources tell Fox 7 it may have something to do with Morrow running for President.

"The Secretary of State today just approved me as an official write-in candidate for President 2016," Morrow said.

Presidential Candidate Morrow says he's pro-liberty, small government, anti-war...and full of some interesting campaign promises.

"I want to start having bikini contests on the south lawn of the White House.  Nobody has ever done that before.  It might calm down America," he said.

Morrow says they haven't told him anything about Friday's press conference.  He says he's not even sure who "they" is but he doesn't plan on changing his mind about running against Trump and Clinton.

"Well I'll have to see what they say and what the legal rationale know so...we'll cross that bridge when we get there but I'm not taking this laying down," Morrow said.

Local Republican Matt Mackowiak tweeted this afternoon that "TX GOP bylaws & TX election code say county chairs can't seek office.  Morrow filing as independent candidate for president means he left GOP." 

We'll see what happens tomorrow at the press conference.  It is at 10 am.