Costa Mesa grandmother sewing masks for cheap sale to public

A Costa Mesa family is taking it upon themselves to create and sell masks for a public that is desperate to get their hands on them. 

Bertha Ramirez, a retired grandmother, has been making the cloth masks by the dozens with the help of her granddaughter Alejandra Granados.

“My grandma is really good with her sewing machine so we decided to put her to work,” Granados said. 

The family’s salon was shut down as a non-essential business. Now they’re back in business trying to help the public by selling masks. 

“We were looking online and we saw how a lot of them are very overpriced and there’s a big shortage of them, so she’s selling them for $5 a mask which is pretty affordable,” Granados said.

Ramirez had made around 100 masks as of Friday afternoon, and all of them had already sold out. 

“What we’re doing is wearing masks and gloves ourselves and just doing like a quick drop off kind of like In-N-Out,” Granados said. “We’re backed up right now which is good for her because she’s enjoying it right now.”

The family says they will continue making the masks as long as they have the material.

They say any donations of material are greatly appreciated.

If you’d like to order a mask or get in touch with the family, you can text 818-268-9220.