COTA and ESPN using 'X Games' to help flood victims

A representative for COTA says the X Games bring tens of millions of dollars to the city through restaurants, bars and shops.

Chong Rowland with the Quiznos right next to that giant dirt mound has seen an uptick in customers.

"It's a lot of setting up of the workers. They come over here eating. So business is a little better than normal," she said.

On a serious note, since COTA and the X Games bring in so much money to the area, this year they've decided to give back to a very important cause.

In response to the devastating Memorial Day floods, COTA and ESPN are donating a portion of ticket proceeds to the American Red Cross Central Texas chapter to help victims.

COTA's Tom Webb says they're giving free 3-day passes to Wimberley High School graduates who had to cancel their senior trip to Fiesta Texas and in turn donated the money they had been saving for it to Wimberley flood recovery.

"We said 'look, we've got to do something to help these kids. They've had obviously a long year and they've been working very hard. And such a selfless act deserves a selfless act in return," Webb said.

Webb says they're honored to do it.

"If they can come out here and maybe have a little bit of a chance to put a smile back on their face, if we can help do that with ESPN, that's something amazing for us to do," Webb said.

Tomorrow the the fun moves away from downtown and back over to COTA for the rest of the weekend.

Music is a big part of this too. Nicki Minaj will be performing this weekend along with heavy metal legends Metallica.