County leaders taking proactive approach to wildfire threat

After the recent wildfire in Bastrop County, changes could be coming to the surrounding areas. County leaders are taking a proactive approach to the wildfire threat.

The Travis County Commissioners Court is looking at renewing its burn ban in unincorporated areas. Commissioners is also discussing implementing the Austin-Travis County Wildfire Evacuation Special Operations Plan.

For now, emergency officials urge people to register with That way if there's an emergency in your area officials can contact you directly by email, phone or text. That includes evacuation orders and directions to shelters.

The fire in Bastrop burned around 25 acres on Saturday (8/19) and at one point flames were dangerously close to about 30 homes. Families were evacuated but no homes were damaged.


The U.S. Drought Monitor releases drought conditions every Thursday and the most recent one shows parts of Central Texas are in an abnormally dry period.

Bastrop County did renew its burn ban and it will now run through September 26th.