CPPD charge man with murder in summer wreck

Cedar Park Police have charged a man with murder for a car crash that killed a husband and father back in August. The district attorney says the charge is unusual but in this case it's necessary. Sobaski has two prior D.W.I’s.

The images of twisted metal tell it all. Police say they are charging 47-year-old Kenneth Sobaski with murder, after an august wreck that killed 28-year-old Jorge Vazquez.

“The prior drunk driving arrests and convictions gave this particular drunk driving offense a felony offense, so he killed somebody while committing a felony,” Chief Sean Mannix, Chief of Cedar Park Police Department, said.

Police say Vazquez was driving southbound on Bell Boulevard in Cedar Park when Sobaski, headed north, swerved into his lane and hit him. Authorities tried to save Vazquez but he died in the hospital just hours after. Police say the suspect had meth in his system.

“That chemical cocktail can really mess up your perception, mess up your reflexes, all of the things that are important to drive safely,” Mark Brunner, Williamson County First Assistant District Attorney, said.

Next to the murder charge, the D.A. is charging Sobaski with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, with the deadly weapon, being the car.

“These are choices this gentleman chose to make, any number of which would have prevented this senseless tragedy,” Brunner said.

Vazquez's wife describes her husband as a compassionate husband and father. In a statement she says:

“My husband Jorge Vazquez was an amazing father, son, brother and friend. He is painfully missed, not only by me, but also by all of the people who knew him.”

As the situation unfolds, Vasquez's family is left to cope and wait for the justice system to decide Sobaski's fate.

“We've got a family without a father through the holidays and forever. That's very senseless,” Brunner said.