CPS had prior involvement at home of Pflugerville toddler death

An investigation into the death of a toddler is underway in Pflugerville. A 23-year-old father is behind bars after police say he killed his two-year-old son. Now we're learning more about the case.

According to court paperwork, the boy's mother went to HEB and left the child with his dad, 23-year old Raymundo Silva-Salas. Silva-Salas says the boy started choking and coughing. He told investigators he placed two-year-old Logan Silva on the couch before calling the boy's mom, who rushed home while dialing 9-1-1.

Logan was taken to Dell Children's Medical Center where doctors say the boy was already brain dead, and also had several bruises. Court documents say the injuries were consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

Doctors say the child also had bloody stools, consistent with a serious internal injury. Doctors say it was not accidental.

The Department of Family and Protective Services says they have several instances documented at that household. For purposes of this investigation they have removed two other children from that household and placed them in foster care.     Raymundo Silva Salas is charged with injury to a child, the Travis County Sheriff's Office says however charges could be upped to murder if they can find proof.

Silva Salas’ records show he has an immigration detainer as well as multiple traffic offenses.