Creator of viral video of first UT exam talks with FOX 7

A UT freshman has a horrible first college final experience and to our delight, posted a video about the ordeal on social media. Millions have watched. On Wednesday FOX 7 spoke with her.

Walking around campus is much more relaxed for UT freshman Ann Mark of New Braunfels now that her finals are over.

Last Friday, she was in a mad dash to make it to her first test.

"I just wanted to let you guys know how my first real college final was. Oh my God,” Ann said in a video.

"I hadn't been to class in forever so I spent the previous night absolutely cramming, taking notes on the textbook, showed up thought that I was going to kill it. I was ready,” she said.

But when Ann got to her classroom. She learned from another student that she needed a blue book to take the exam.

"So I sprint to the Co-Op. I get two blue books and I run back to the classroom,” she tells in a video.

Turns out she's in the wrong class. A video she created picks up the story, "Okay then where's my exam? I text my friend and she says you get different assignments for your exam. We're in Hogg, So I'm like ‘oh my God!’ and I run and I run straight into a window in front of all of these people."

Ann goes to the Hogg Auditorium only to learn she needs to be in the Hogg building. It was a four-minute walk away. And the time was 8:59 a.m.

"So I sprint to Hogg building and I sit down and I write an amazing essay on how Napoleon Dynamite is a great example of an independent film in America and then I apologized,” she says as the video ends.

She created a video of her disastrous experience and shared it on her social media sites. 

"I had no idea that people would even find it funny,” said Ann.

On Twitter alone, the video has 8.7 million views. 

"I was so puzzled as to why it went viral. I thought there has to be some reason for it and then I figured money could come from it,” she said.

Ann got a licensing agreement. She plans to donate profits to a Christian homeless shelter in Los Angeles called the Union Rescue Mission. She went there on a youth mission trip last summer.

As she attempts to manage her new-found social media fame, Ann seeks to get her hands on the security video of her window mishap. President Greg Fenves says he'll do his best to help.

"My great-grandma always said if you're not laughing at yourself you're missing the best joke,” said Ann.

This afternoon Ann learned she made a 77 on her exam keeping her within a B average for the semester.
If you'd like to learn more about the non-profit she mentioned, click here.