Crews rescue man who was swept away in car, after passing a low water crossing sign

A man says he was trapped in his car all night, after he drove around a low water crossing and was swept downstream. He had to be rescued this morning in Hutto.

9:30 Thursday morning, Drew Lyman with the Round Rock Fire Department says they arrived on scene in Hutto. The technical rescue team says the victim told them he passed a low water crossing which immediately swept his car downstream for about half mile, then crashed into a barrier. 

Chaz Glace who lives next to the creek says he and his wife noticed a car was stuck here, so they called first responders. When they got there the victim was sitting on top of his car. The victim says he was trying to stay dry because the water was very cold.

Rescue teams put a life vest on the victim and used a rope that was stretched out to shore, making their way back to solid ground. The victim's car suffered some cuts and bruises too. It’s a total loss. The fire department says the victim's car coming to a stop essentially saved his life.

Officials stress the importance of urging folks to remember turn around, don't drown.