Crime scene evidence & chilling surveillance video shown at UT murder trial

Showing little emotion, Meechaiel Criner sat quietly as the jury in his murder trial watched images of where the body of University of Texas student Haruka Weiser was found.

APD Homicide Detective Ray Tynes described how in April of 2016 they collected evidence along Waller Creek behind UT's alumni center.

In response to questioning, Detective Tynes stated that "A crime scene has its own voice, and can tell you what happend."

Prosecutors say Criner is the man in a video, who after parking his bike, allegedly followed UT freshman Weiser down a path along the creek.

Detective Tynes testified he is not certain about the exact sequence of the attack, but he believes Weiser was dragged across the creek bed. A nylon strap recovered from the scene was possibly used for that. It was shown to the jury by crime scene tech Amanda Aguilar.

Prosecutors say a nylon strap was wrapped around Weiser's neck and that it could have been used to take control her and eventually used to strangle her. 

"I don’t think she was able to fight for her life," said Detective Tynes.

Blood stains on the rocks along Waller Creek were pointed out to the jury. It's believed that's where Weiser was taken stripped and beaten.

Detective Tynes testified it appears Weiser's face was slammed into the rocks several times. Clothing was found nearby, belonging to Wesier - as well as a hammer - which may have been used during the attack.

The jury was shown the clothing and the hammer that Aguilar collected from the side of the creek.

When asked if the hammer was the murder weapon, Detective Tynes said he could not be sure, because they did not find any hair or human tissue on it. The hammer is still an important piece of evidence. The jury heard testimony about how it was spotted in a storage room at DKR Stadium a few days before the murder and how Criner was allegedly living in that room until being kicked out.

Investigators have a more definite opinion regarding a pair of eyeglasses found at the crime scene.

During the trial the glasses were removed from an evidence bag and presented to the jury. Prosecutors say the lens in the frame match a rare prescription used by Criner. It has been argued that the man on the security video-the night Weiser was killed, was wearing eyeglasses as he followed her down the secluded pathway. After walking down the path the jury was told the man doesn't appear back on any UT camera for about an hour and a half. 

The jury was also shown video form an ATM that was recorded earlier that evening. The video shows a similar looking man who appears to be following a co-ed who seems to be carrying pizza boxes. The man eventually walks away after it's believed that the woman has gone into her dorm.