CRIMEWATCH: Temple family still waiting for justice two years after mother killed in hit-and-run

Two years after her mother was killed in a hit-and-run, a Temple woman and her family are still waiting for justice.

The suspected driver was caught shortly after the crash, but the family says the justice system is dragging the case out longer than it needs to be.

Natalie Griffet, her infant daughter, young son and mother Elizabeth were driving back to Temple on I-35. They had just hit the outskirts of Jarrell when police say Aramis Guerra II rammed into the back of their car, reportedly going over 100 miles an hour.

Elizabeth Griffet spent three months in the hospital, spending her 50th birthday in a medically-induced coma, and passed away in September of that year.

Guerra's last court date was in September, and court records show he is expected in court again on October 17.