CTRMA hikes up tolls in Central Texas starting Jan. 1

Drivers on Central Texas toll roads should prepare to shell out a little more starting today.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is hiking tolls by a little more than five percent starting just after midnight on Jan. 1. The increase applies to existing toll lanes on US 183, US 183A, US 290, SH 71 and SH 45 SW. 

For example, in 2021 at the SH 71 Toll Lane's Mainline Plaza, a two-axle vehicle would be charged 94 cents to their toll tag or $1.41 if they chose to pay by mail. According to CTRMA's 2022 rates, that same two-axle vehicle can now expect to pay 99 cents through their TxTag or $1.49 by mail if they use this toll lane.

CTRMA has also raised the base rate for the MoPac Express lanes by 10 cents.

Officials are defending the rate hikes, saying they're consistent with the consumer price index.

To view the current 2022 toll rates and see the previous 2021 toll rates, click here.

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