Curiousity-seekers of all kinds gather for the Maker Faire in Austin

There were gadgets and gizmos a plenty in Austin this weekend as hundreds gathered at the Palmer Events Center for the 6th annual "Maker Faire Austin."

"A maker is somebody who if you made it with your hands and you put it together, then you would be a maker."

More than 200 makers entertained curiosity seekers of all kinds.

Joey Ficklin is the director for the event, "It's somewhere where you can come and see something that somebody made with their hands and put together from quilts to steampunk R2D2 robots. From handmade drones all the way to an entire wearable tech fashion show," he said.

Stacy Pineapple and Nate the Great spent more than 14 hours tying, weaving and blowing up their project. "Our idea is we're inspired by the Van Gogh "Starry Night" painting and we tried to recreate that in balloon form," Stacy said. 

Their custom balloon dress, made out of hundreds of balloons, was a hit at the show.

"I love balloons, basically you take balloons and make something completely ephemeral just for a little while and it makes people so happy," Nate the Great said.

Maker Faire's happen all over the world, here in Austin it takes place every May.