Cyber Crime specialist help AISD work clown threats

Creepy clown school threats are now targeting several Austin ISD campuses. The threat made here in Austin is similar to those posted on social media against schools on the east coast two weeks ago.

Police escorted these special needs students from Rosedale School Monday. They were there not to provide protection but to build relationships. The walk through the central Austin neighborhood was organized by Principal Elizabeth Dickey. It was done to address misplaced fears and misconceptions.

"Our students, sometimes can be a little bit invisible, and a lot of people may not know them or know about them, and so I think that this is a way to build that bridge and start to have relationships that are positive and help other people to see ways to connect,” said Principal Dickey

This positive classroom connection involved about a dozen police officers from AISD and APD. As the students and officers at this school bond, at other Austin schools police have increased their safety awareness. According to alerts from AISD the threats started Friday and continued Sunday.  Security measures were increased on campuses, although police chief Eric Mendez said the threat is not believed to be credible.

“No, this is no joke, we never take these as a joke, we want to ensure student safety every day and so if you are doing these threats your best bet is to stop, if not, we are going to find you and ultimately force criminal charges."

A copy of the threat posted on social media was provided to FOX 7.  It was made by a person using the name of Tim Slaughter and included a picture of a menacing clown. Specialized cybercrime experts are helping AISD track down the person who made the threat, according to Chief Mendez.

"Anytime we receive these types of threats, and its social media we are talking about, we consult with the Austin Regional Intelligence Center, and their ties that they have to various organizations such as the FBI, Homeland Security or any other agency that we need to involve."

The clown in the post claims he plans to be around the campuses until Halloween. Anyone with information about who is responsible is urged to contact AISD police.