Cyclist dragged by pickup truck sues suspect

An Austin woman who was hit by a truck and dragged for nearly half a mile, is suing the suspected driver. Elizabeth English was left severely disfigured after the crash in March.

Smiling, and in good spirits you would never think that this woman, Elizabeth English was dragged by a truck, almost two months ago.

On the night of March 29, she was on her way home from class at UT, turning on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, when a truck hit her and dragged her underneath for  nearly half a mile. English says she screamed at the top of her lungs and pounded the side of the car, to no avail.

“I was being dragged with my back on the pavement. I held as well as I could on the underside of the truck,” she said.

That's when she dislodged herself in the middle of the residential street. Police say the driver, Artemio Gomez-Avila fled the scene. Neighbors, shocked, did what they can.

“I waited in a puddle of my own blood and saw the police and ambulance arrived,” she said.

As a result of the extreme road rash, English lost most of her right buttocks, right pelvis and her lower spine was exposed. Doctors at UMC Brackenridge had to amputate her right leg.

“I remember looking into my doctor's face and asking him to save me,” she said.

Almost two months later and Elizabeth just returned home. She is suing the suspect, and owner of the car. Seeing that Avila is locked up right now, suing him could be difficult. They still  hope to recover $1 million in damages however they can, they are also suing the owner of the vehicle, Jesus Avila-Aguilar.

“Our primary objective is to find out where he was drinking that day, how much he had to drink, and where he got the alcohol from,” Mo Aziz, English’s attorney said.

Meanwhile the neighbors on Greenwood Avenue where they found English, continue to rally behind her.

“I've made announcements at both our neighborhood meetings about possibly donating to her medical care,” Roger Taylor Jr., witness, said.

Despite what happened to her, English lived to tell the tale.

“They used what was left from the rest of my leg to fashion a thigh that at one point will be able to have a prosthetic leg. They also made me a butt,” she said.

English wants to continue going to school and become a psychiatrist.

English's attorney says if you know of Artemio Gomez-Avila's whereabouts that day and night, call the firm at 713-222-7211.

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