Dallas PD investigating similarities in recent attacks on transgender women

Dallas police say there are similarities between three violent attacks against transgender women that have happened since October 2018.

In two of the three cases, the victims died.

The first incident under investigation happened in Oct. 2018. Dallas PD says 29-year-old Brittany White was found murdered inside her car parked along the 7100 block of Gayglen Drive in Dallas.

“This case is an open investigation with no suspects identified,” explained Dallas Police Major Vincent Weddington.

The second incident took place in April 2019. The transgender woman was stabbed multiple times and left for dead. She survived and was able to give police a vague description of her attacker.

The most recent attack was on Muhlaysia Booker, who was found shot to death over the weekend on Valley Glen Drive. Her death came about a month after video showed her beating beaten up in an apartment complex. Police do not think Booker's murder is related to the attack.

“Through the course of these investigations, it has been determined two the victims got into a car with someone and one of the victims allowed someone in their car,” Weddington explained.

Police would not elaborate but revealed two of the victims were in the area of Spring Avenue and Lagow Street in South Dallas prior to the crimes taking place.

Kirk Myers is CEO of Abounding Prosperity Incorporated. His organization works with the LGBTQ community. He knew Booker and says she was known to hang out in that area.

“It’s really an area where black trans women hang out. And I know that sex work occurs there, but I don’t know if it’s necessarily limited to that,” Myers said. “It’s also an opportunity for trans women to congregate and gather as well.”

Dallas police detectives are working with federal agents to try and figure out if the three crimes are connected.

Myers says the LGTBQ community is looking for justice and closure.

“We are actively pushing for accountability from elected officials the judicial system and certainly the police department.”

In another case in April 2019, a woman was stabbed multiple times but survived. She was able to provide police information about the suspect.

Dallas police say the cases are not directly related at this time, but there are similarities.

“All of the victims are transgender,” said DPD Maj. Vincent Weddington. “Two of the victims were in the area of Spring and Lagow, prior to the offenses, through the course of these investigations it has been determined that two of the victims got into a car with someone and one victim allowed someone into their car.”

The remains of a fourth transgender women were found in a field in July 2017. It was classified as an unexplained death.

There is a vigil being held for Booker Wednesday at 7 p.m. a Lagow Park in Dallas.

DPD plans to take part in a LGTBQ town hall being held Thursday night at the Resource Center in Dallas.

No suspects have been identified in any of the cases.