Damage in Caldwell County

In Caldwell County emergency management officials said it will take years to recover from the damage caused by Harvey.

In Luling, a sigh of relief as the San Marcos River is receding.

Pastor Joseph Martinez's church was spared. He has turned his good fortune into a blessing to those who did not fare so well providing shelter to evacuees from the coast.

"We’re trying to take away any of those worries that add onto what they're already suffering right now so we are providing any necessities," said Martinez, light of the world church.

Elisama Alvarado left her home in Victoria; Eunice Perez came from Corpus Christi.

"We were afraid because we didn't know what was going to happen," said Alvarado.

"They’ve been so caring for us. I don't have a word to express how they made us feel, you know, it peace," said Perez.

Martinez said those needing shelter here locally are welcome too.

"Our doors are open. we have plenty of room for people to come by to stay a couple days are up to a week there's no time limit as to what we provide," said Martinez.

Around Lockhart, roads have washed away leaving some residents trapped in their neighborhood.

Emergency management coordinator Martin Ritchey said it will take years to repair the damage Harvey has caused.

"We’re out on Polonia Road. We have a tributary to plum creek that is running behind us," said Ritchey. "Once it stops flowing this is going to have to be replaced and it's going to take tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of effort to replace and prepare this site so that people can drive through it."

In addition to flooding, Ritchey said there was widespread wind damage.

Water blew into the clock tower of the historic courthouse causing part of the ceiling to fall.

Outside on the lawn a large tree was blown over.

"It’s heartbreaking to see the pecan tree come down. I went over there and picked up some of the pecans and put them in my pocket. I’m going to go talk to some of our arborists to see that they can get them to grow and maybe a few years they can be seedlings that we put back out here on the historic courthouse lawn," said Ritchey.

As the water drains away Ritchey said he remains cautious.

"We’re hoping the rest of the tropical storm moves further away and I’ll feel better," said Ritchey.

County officials are out doing assessments of the damage to roadways. They ask that you help them in taking photos and recording GPS coordinates passing that information along to the county by send that information to eoc@co.caldwell.tx.us.

If you see any barricades, law enforcement will not only ticket you, they are likely to arrest you. Ritchey said a truck driver was arrested Sunday night.