Dancing security guard from Houston Astros game looks back on viral video

You just never know what you’ll find at a Houston Astros game and in 2014, fans were thrown for a loop when they saw the mascot Orbit get served by a dancing security guard. 

The video shared by Willis Harris A.K.A. WorkitWillis begins with Orbit dancing in front of a security guard, before making his way towards Harris, who was working security during the game. Initially, Harris expresses disinterest in Orbit’s enthusiastic dancing and forcefully pushes the mascot aside. That’s when the security guard shocks the crowd with his impressive dance moves. 

FOX 26 caught up with Mr. Harris to take a look back on the viral video, who says it was not the first time he visited Houston and certainly wasn’t his first encounter with Orbit. 

"I've been in Houston quite a few times and Orbit is a good friend of mine, and I was working some security contracts in the area," he said. "And he told me if I happen to show up in the building, he would have something for me."

Harris noted even though he and the Astros mascot share history together, does not mean the incident was necessarily staged.  

"I'm not going to give away the secret sauce completely," Harris said. "It wasn’t completely planned, but we knew that we were going to be in each other's vicinity, I’ll say that."

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Still, the viral sensation noted his job was security first but always had a passion for performing and the video certainly demonstrates both attributes perfectly well. 

"My passion has always been entertainment. The job security: that's number one, but number two, is definitely entertaining the crowd," he explained. "So anytime that we can put smiles on people's faces, and make ourselves look a little less serious than we actually are, is a great time."

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Since the video was posted on Youtube, it has garnered more than 77 million views and the dance was even added to the popular video game Fortnite, which has 350 million registered users. 

"I don't think I've ever seen a bigger ovation for a dance-off of my life like literally people in wheelchairs standing up," Harris said. "And it was ridiculous. But as I walked out of my security detail, everybody was like taking their hats off and whistling and cheering and clapping and try to get high fives. But I was just doing my job, trying to keep things secure, and trying to make the fans happy a little bit as well."

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Hoping to hang on to that fun and excitement, Harris said it’s not the first time he’s danced on the job and is not the last! 

"At first I was just this random security guard and yes, there are other videos of me floating around on the internet of various things that I've done while on the job," he noted. "I like to keep the job fun, although it's a serious job, but like I said, I've done it all over and people eat it up every time and that [video] was definitely one of the big hits I've had."

Harris continues working in freelance security but still has made some appearances to show off his dance moves and has even recreated the experience for fans who may not have seen the video. 

"I've been back [in Houston and] I've actually done the routine again, as an encore," he said. "The fans loved it, just the same like they’ve never seen it before. Like I said, people watch it hundreds of times, they still get enjoyment every time; it's awesome, [they] can't get enough."


While Harris still often revisits Houston, there’s no chance he’ll make an appearance during the World Series but is more than open to the idea of it, should the opportunity arise. 

"I would like nothing better but they've got plenty of entertainment," he concluded. "Orbit is there every game. He's got all his minions running around and I think they've got it down packed as far as entertainment front, but if they call me, I'm there."

To see more of Willis Harris, you can follow him on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.