Dash cam video shows DWI suspect mowing down passerby

Austin police are investigating an overnight crash that's left one man in the hospital with serious injuries - and another under arrest.

That arrest was caught on camera by a FOX 7 Photojournalist.

That man was booked into the Travis County jail early Thursday morning. His victim, also a male, was taken to UMC Brackenridge with serious injuries.

Austin police say the crash happened just before 3 o'clock Thursday morning on South Congress.

The 28-year-old stayed on the scene.

DWI crashes are happening here more than you might think. Statistics from APD show nearly 600 from January 2014 through now.

It's not just police who respond; there's EMS, fire, tow trucks then court costs. Austin police say despite their efforts to educate the public, crashes like this will keep happening until everyone realizes just how dangerous it is to drink and drive

"With property loss and the man hours it takes to work these crashes it can be very frustrating because it's a never ending cycle it seems like. Forget the man hours for a minute, forget us having to come out, it's the property damage, the loss of life ,the needless injury to people," said Detective Richard Mabe with the Austin Police Department DWI Unit.

The driver in Thursday morning's crash, Jose Feliciano Lopez Hinchos is still behind bars. His bond is set at $2,000.