Daughter of Kyle double homicide victim speaks with FOX 7

A daughter of one of the victims in a double homicide in Kyle talks with FOX 7. Kyle police are asking for tips after several months have gone by without a suspect.

"There are times where I go 'oh my gosh she's not here anymore' and I used to talk to her and see her every day," said Miranda Hall.

Miranda Hall is talking about the sudden loss of her mother, 44-year-old Tina Combs.

Hall spoke with FOX 7 by phone from Arlington where she and Combs lived.

"She was a really awesome person. She was really funny. Me and my mom were really close. She loved animals," said Hall.

Police found Combs' body at a home on South Sledge Street in Kyle Thursday, June 25th.

Officers also located the body of 45-year-old James Wright. He was a childhood friend of Combs. The two had recently re-connected.

Their deaths were ruled a double homicide. In September, police asked for tips after no arrest had been made.

"I'm traumatized for one. I'm also in denial. It was just so sudden," said Hall.

Hall says the last time she spoke to her mom was three days prior to her body being found.

"It was weird because she always called me back, 'hey sis I'm going to call you right back.' I'm like 'it's okay.' I called her back a few hours later and it was off," said Hall.

Hall says she also found it unusual that her mother had traveled to Kyle. She says Combs hardly went out of town.

Hall isn't mourning alone. She has six siblings ranging in age from four to 25.  Combs was also a grandma.

If you can help police solve this case, please call the Kyle Police Department at 512-268-3232.