DC guy books 6 dates in 1 night; women meet for revenge

A man's plans to date six women in one night were soiled when the gals linked up for the ultimate revenge.

And no, it was not a speed date.

Lisette Pylant chronicled the awkward date in a Twitter thread that went viral.

Pylant said she was meeting a guy a friend set her up with. Sounds innocent enough, right?

She was not interested in the guy, but stuck around anyway.

Forty-five minutes later, another date by the name of Katie shows up.

To help Katie feel less awkward, Lisette decides to hang at the bar and pretend to be this guy's "friend." But the moment the guy leaves, Lisette fills Katie in on all the details.    

And then, Date No. 3 walks in! We're not even kidding. 

By this point, the girls told the bartenders and the bouncer what was going on.

And as the shady guy rambles on about his ex to the ladies-- um, major no-- the new found besties left the bar to get drinks at another spot and let the guy foot the bill. 


But it doesn't end there. Lisette's bartender friend texted her about shady guy being on Date No. 4.

Now remember, we said six dates... And the fifth date showed up before the fourth date was over.

Before Date No. 5, Allie, could even meet him, Lisette and the others intercepted her to let her know what the guy she was about to meet for a date was up to.

And as soon as Date No. 4, Claire, finished up with the guy, the gals managed to get her over for a quick debrief while Allie, Date No. 5, headed in.

Apparently, the guy had seen Allie talking to Lisette and the others. When she sat down he told her she was "already cut" and to say hi to the other dates at the bar after Allie invited him to come drink with them. 

The shady guy ran into Lisette making a call outside after he was leaving Date No. 5. He told Lisette that she was the only one he wanted to pursue after meeting all five girls.

Lisette tweeted, "He tried to say he was looking for love and his future wife. These 'weren't dates' they were apparently 'pre-date conversations.'" She didn't fall for it.

But the girls realized that he had a sixth date. Lisette tweeted, "WE WENT BACK AND HE WAS WITH #6!" 

The shady guy finally realized he wouldn't be coming away from the ordeal with a new love interest and walked out.

At least all of the dates saw the silver lining and decided to be friends after sharing an unforgettable experience.