DEA raids Brookhaven apartment, seizes 100 pounds of crystal meth

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Red warning signs are posted on the door and windows of a Brookhaven apartment after a raid by DEA agents. A spokesman for the agency said they seized more than 100 pounds of crystal methamphetamine and guns from one of the units at the Sierra Terrace Apartments.

Neighbor Jeffery Gonzales said he heard officers yelling Tuesday morning and looked out his window. He used his phone to shoot video of agents with guns drawn, pointing toward a balcony.

"I heard a big bang and they were telling them to go back inside the apartment because they were trying to get out," said Gonzales.

A spokesman for the DEA said they found 50 to 60 kilos of Crystal Meth, also known as ICE. They also found 3 guns in the apartment and arrested two men.

Red warning signs are now posted on the door and windows of the apartment stating that "a clandestine laboratory for the manufacture of illegal drugs" was found at this location. Late Tuesday afternoon, maintenance workers made sure the door was locked up tight.

Ana Christina and her family live across the hall. They said the men in the apartment only moved in a few months ago. They said they often saw people coming and going from the apartment.

The balcony of the apartment is just yards from the playground and just feet from the yard where kids play soccer. That is what worries and shocks many, like Nania Hoqu, who live here.

"I have small children. Now I am scared about hearing that some people living here with drugs and guns," said Naznia Hoqu.