DeKalb County homeless man reunited with dog

It's an incredible story of love and commitment between a man and his dog.

In this case, a homeless man who spent the night outside the DeKalb County Animal Services Shelter in search of his beloved Chihuahua, Tita.

"It's obvious he loved the dog and the dog loved him," said Andie Peart, the rescue coordinator at the DeKalb County Animal Services Shelter in Chamblee.

She told FOX 5 News, the man and his dog, came together last Friday at the newly opened DeKalb County Animal Services Shelter in Chamblee. She said the homeless man had scraped enough money to take Uber to the old facility in Decatur in search of his best friend.

" I guess he just slept outside and we're actually closed to the public there and his dog was actually here in Chamblee," said Peart.

She said one of the employees gave the man money for bus fare to the new shelter. When he dog there he was met at the front door by the director.

"He looked at her and he and he said my dog is my life. Please I need to have her and she said, of course, how can we help." said Peart.

She said it's unclear how Tita got lost and ended up at the shelter about five days ago. A quick search based on the man's description took them to Tita who signaled to them he was the man in her life.

"You see a reunion like that and you can tell that the dog really cares about the people and vice a versa. It's really touching and it's a really rewarding experience," said Peart.

She said the shelter gave the man a leash, money to take Marta back to Atlanta and offered to follow-up with veterinary care to make sure this reunion story is a successful one.

"We haven't had one this successful before so I think everyone is happy to see her go back to her dad," said Peart.

A representative told FOX 5 News the shelter works with several homeless individuals on a regular basis because their love for their dogs isn't less than anyone else's.