Del Valle Residents say 13 minutes too late..when it comes to emergency responses

Del Valle residents said a fire station in their area is desperately needed but instead of waiting for Austin to build one they're taking safety into their owns hands.

During an emergency every minute counts.  That's why Christina Muhammad said she and dozens of other Del Valle residents came out for a basic emergency technique training session Saturday afternoon.

"We are not trying to take their jobs but guess what I want my family to live.  I have to do whatever is in my power to make sure we are ok,” said Muhammad. 

Muhammad helped organize the event and said it’s important for the community to unit. 

“It could make a huge difference in those minutes in those minutes knows CPR or knows what to do if someone is injured or how to put a small fire or anything,” said Berdoll Farms Resident Ashley Yonkin,

These residents are taking safety into their owns hands because they say the response time for emergency assistance in their area is 13 minutes. Five minutes longer than the response time in Austin city limits according to the Austin Firefigher Association.

Austin police, firefighters and medics were at the training for support. 
"There's an enormous amount of things that can happen within those 13 minutes. Too many things can go wrong a heart attack illness the list goes on major fires, injuries,” said Ernie Hernandez. 

Hernandez has lived in Berdoll Farms for more than fifteen years and said the community was promised ten years ago that a fire station would be constructed. 

“They made promises get us a fire station in the neighborhood but up to do we still haven’t gotten one,” said Hernandez. 

They’re trying to get a fire station in their area because they currently rely on one near the airport.

“The best thing we can do is get our community involved and all start watching out for each other while we wait for our city councilors to decide to put a fire station out here and improve response times,” said Yonkin. 

Council Member Delia Garza told fox 7 last month--work needs to be done to reduce the cost of the stations that have been proposed for construction. 

The Austin Firefighter Association president is also passionate about solving the issue. 

"We are talking about averages in the neighborhood of 13 minutes from the time the call comes in which is way too long in terms of having a good out come in terms of a house fire way too long for floods or medical emergencies. These are all incidents where time really matters. That's why have put fire stations in place expect for place like here,” said Bob Nicks with the Austin Firefighter Association. 

Until Del Valle gets a little help from the city, those living nearby in Berdoll Farms have some ideas in the works. 

The community started a petition to have a fire station built in the area which they hope will make their voices heard and finally put an end to an ongoing issue. 

"Don't forget about us out here. We are important and we need these public safety services,” said Yonkin.

The Public Safety Commission is meeting with Austin City Council on May 7th, where they will be taking public input.

On May 24th, Council Member Garza will propose a resolution which includes funding, building and staffing two temporary stations including one in Berdoll Farms.