Dell-Seton Medical Center opens its doors, patients moved

Lillian Mabee knew something wasn't right with her body last Wednesday. she got to a clinic as soon as possible.

“They took my temperature, it was up to 102. 5. They said something's not right,” said Mabee.

Lillian was transported to University Medical Center Brackenridge, where she was treated for an infection. at the same time, she was also told she'd be moved to the brand new dell Seton Medical Center across the street Sunday. This, in the middle of her recovery.

“I have no problem with it, as a matter of fact I'm looking forward to it,” said Mabee.

It's a process that went smoothly on Sunday as Austin-Travis County EMS moved more than 100 patients, including Lillian, to the new facility which will replace Brackenridge.

“Sicker patients go first so we have enough time to take care of any needs they have,” said Angel Torres-Carmona, R.N.

UMC Brackenridge is a legendary name,  so the move is bittersweet, but medical staff deem it  necessary.

“I'm providing different care, not only because we're leaving this place but because of all the technology we have. As soon as I come to the room, the patient is going to be able to see my picture in the T.V., knowing who I am, and what I do,” said Torres-Carmona.

More technological improvements include patient education material on screens, and the latest equipment for doctors.

“They said it's so much more spacious, and they said you would not believe how beautiful it is. I said this hospital is beautiful. They said wait until you see the other,” said Mabee.

Technology changes, but one thing remains constant, the medical staff's intentions for all patients who will come through these doors.

“I'm homeless, so being indoors, on a real bed, is very important to me,” said Mabee.

“We never stop caring, from here to there,” said Torres-Carmona.

Dell Seton Medical Center is a 517,000 square feet facility with 42 trauma beds and 211 "smart" patient rooms.