Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine makes stop in Austin

The Democratic Party is trying to win over Texas with vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine making stops in several cities in the Lone Star State. The focus is on women and minorities before voters head to the polls this November.

Kaine says the reason he's in Texas is to make sure Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States, with the help of Austin and Texans.

Kaine repeated a popular phrase he's been using since joining the Democratic ticket, "Do voters want a “you're hired president” or a “you're fired president?”

"Hillary Clinton will be a “you're hired president.” She has got this five-point economic plan. First 100 days with Congress, biggest job program since World War II. It encompasses investments, pay equity minimum wage and education so we can have debt free college, great pre-K curriculum," says Kaine.

Kaine took to the stage at the Travis County Coordinated Office on August 9 He was greeted by hundreds of supporters carrying signs saying "Stronger Together."

"I think he's a great balance. I think he brings in some moderate voters. I think he actually gives something to the Republicans who are homeless right now,” says Lulu Flores, Democrat.

Kaine says when it comes to equality, the United States has made strides over the past century and he says now is the time for strong men to stand up and support strong women in leadership positions.

“It's taken almost 100 years and here we are at the threshold of electing a woman. The next president will be the president that will celebrate the centennial of women having the right to vote. Is it too much to ask that it be a woman rather than someone who offends women every time he opens his mouth?" says Kaine.

On the fundraising trip, Kaine made sure to thank volunteers who have worked tirelessly to elect Clinton and Democrats up and down the ballot in Texas.  He also made sure to relate to the Hispanic community.

In Spanish, in Honduras at least, "listo" meant prepared, battle-tested, rock-solid, up for anything, never back down. Hillary Clinton is "lista, folks. She's "lista," says Kaine.

From start to finish, tremendous support was given.

"I think he has a heck of a shot, I mean, they both do," says Melissa McWilliams, Democrat.

Not everyone believes they are the right team for the job.

"The last three administrations: the Bush Administration, the Clinton Administration and the Obama Administration, they've been doing too much stuff over in the Middle East. My best friend died over in Afghanistan and Donald Trump is the only guy not trying to start wars over there," says David Espiritu, Republican.

Keep in mind that the Democratic Party hasn't won statewide in two decades.

Kaine also has events in Fort Worth and Dallas.