Demonstrators march in honor of Sandra Bland, one year after death

In downtown Austin Wednesday, there was a march against police brutality. It comes one year after authorities say Sandra Bland committed suicide in the Waller county jail after a rough arrest by a now-fired DPS trooper.

The Austin Justice Coalition organized the march shortly after they held a rally last week for Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. The march started at Victory Grill in East Austin and wrapped up right at the capitol. The group gathered with signs, T-shirts and pictures of those who've lost their lives recently. With an upcoming legislative session we asked them what it is they want  to see happen.

“Real change. I don't want to see common sense gun laws. We really want to get our legislators to ensure the rights of all Americans,” Ebony Howard, demonstrator, said.

“Unfortunately, people with a lot of melanin being killed just because they have a lot of melanin is the problem. What we're saying is we're not anti-police we're anti-the system,” Fatima Mann, Austin Justice Coalition member said.

The Black Lives Matter Organization will hold a rally at the capitol on Friday, July 15.