Detroit-area police stop pet potbellied pig on the loose

April 11 is National Pet Day, and while we all love our pets, sometimes they can go hog wild. That includes a potbellied pig named Petunia, who ran away and had to be stopped by the cops in Harper Woods, Mich.

Petunia might look cuddly, and she definitely is, but when neighbors reported that there was a suspicious pig oinking around the neighborhood, Harper Woods police had to respond.

“Apparently there was a call that a pig was running loose down the street,” Lt. Tom Teatsorth told FOX 2 Detroit. “Officers went over there and they were able to recover the pig.”

Thankfully, police were prepared to capture Petunia, even if they needed to take a couple videos with her as evidence once they did. For now, Petunia is at a local animal rescue, where she’s getting lots of food, love, and most importantly: proper supervision.

Police and local animal rescue are searching for Petunia’s owners, but if they don’t find them, a new family will be found to take in Petunia, and this time, keep a closer eye on her.