Disaster relief network mounts effort to clean-up and to offer hope

As the floodwaters start to recede in some areas of Central Texas, residents are beginning to assess the damage. More than 100 homes in the Travis County area were destroyed. That's according to the Austin Disaster Relief Network.

The A.D.R.N. is a non-profit made up of 160 churches in Central Texas. 4500 trained volunteers are ready to deploy into disaster zones, offering financial, physical, and mental help to survivors.

On Sunday a group of 25 volunteers fanned out into neighborhoods across the Austin area. They went to collect information from residents about what kind of help is needed.

"For some of us it may look like a small disaster compared to Memorial but to them it's still a 10 because they've lost everything" says A.D.R.N.'s Executive Director, Daniel Geraci, adding, "and for people who've lost everything they don't know where to start so they need this support emotionally, spiritually, and physically. And that's what we're are here to provide."

On Monday roughly 500 A.D.R.N. volunteers will clean flooded homes. They are also handing out Walmart gift cards as well as funding hotel stays for those who need it. Geraci says it's likely that will amount to $50,000 by the end of the week. The money is coming out of their pocket.

In addition to donations, A.D.R.N. is looking for volunteers:. If you're interested, click here