Disaster training takes place this week in Austin

Don’t be alarmed if you see people wearing hazmat suits throughout the city, this is a part of training that is taking place throughout the week. 

More than 30 agencies from local, state, and federal are training in Austin. They are preparing on the off chance terrorists target the city. 

"Some of the reason why we do this is to provide deterrence. If we can show we have a quality rapid response that we can minimize fear and chaos. We can take away that key objective from terrorists. Their ability to create fear and chaos," said Jq Crocker the Director of the office of Nuclear Response. 

Specifically, this training is to simulate if terrorists were to set off a dirty bomb within the city and how they should respond. 

Throughout the week they’ll be using various types of equipment to see how it handles in a city environment. In some areas of the city you may see people dressed up in hazmat suits and other gear. They'll be testing drones and communication equipment as well as testing in the skies using both helicopters and airplanes.

This training has been in the works for the past 18 months.