Dispute between Arlington nun, Catholic bishop prompts police investigation

Arlington police said they’re investigating a dispute between the Fort Worth Catholic Diocese and a nun who was accused of violating her sacred vows.

Mother Superior Teresa Agnes Gerlach was dismissed last week from the Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity in Arlington.

Her lawyer said she was wrongfully convicted of sexual misconduct with a priest from another diocese.


Catholic celibacy rules should be loosened, cardinal says

A cardinal in Germany has advocated loosening celibacy rules for Catholic priests.

The Vatican has given the Fort Worth diocese the authority to investigate the case within the church.

Gerlach is wheelchair-bound and needs constant medical care. She communicates using a tablet.

She is suing the diocese, saying Bishop Michael Olson violated church law by posting the allegations against her online.


Pope Francis undergoes intestinal surgery, will remain at hospital for several days

Pope Francis was admitted to the hospital Wednesday to repair a hernia in his intestine, the latest malady to befall the 86-year-old pontiff who had part of his colon removed two years ago.

Other nuns from her monastery have accused the bishop of overstepping his authority.

"No one—not even a sitting Catholic bishop—is above the law," said attorney Matthew Bobo, who represents the Carmelite nuns.

Arlington police said they're trying to determine if any criminal offenses occurred.