DOC releases inmate attack video

Shocking new video has been released that shows how quickly things can go wrong for an Arizona Department of Corrections Officer.

The video from April shows an evening meal for the maximum security inmates at the Florence prison. Inmates were upset that officers were walking through their tables. The inmates then reportedly stood up to confront the officers and refused to let a female officer leave.

When more officers moved into the chow hall, the inmates attacked. More than a dozen of the state's most dangerous men kicked and punched officers only armed with pepper spray and stun guns.

One of the officers responding Sgt. Joel Reza covered his colleague, getting between him and the inmates, trying to shield the blows. Rez was honored with a valor award for his efforts last month.

One of the officers injured in the attack sustained serious head injuries and had not returned to work at the prison.

The State of Arizona DOC is short 500 officers across the state.