Dockless scooters get rough start in Austin

Bird scooters have rolled into Austin, the California based company launched their electric scooters in several parts of town attempting to provide alternative eco-friendly transportation. However, after one day the scooters have already been met with resistance by the city.

The city is threatening to impound scooters left in the right of way. In a memo from the Austin Transportation Department to the Mayor and council, the city said the company encourages users to leave the scooters along sidewalks and in other highly trafficked areas.

The memo states in part:

However, representatives from the company said they have proper permits and licensing in place. Bird rides released this statement.

The company's launch comes days after the city held a public forum hosting multiple dockless bike companies. Bird scooters can be found in California cities and in Washington D.C.

he city is still trying to regulate dockless mobility services and says Dallas has experienced management issues of people abandoning vehicles and user safety.

However, the city is welcoming the Bird rides to participate in their pilot program.