Dog dies in house fire caused by space heater in northeast Houston

Firefighters say a space heater that was being used to keep a dog warm in a garage sparked a house fire in northeast Houston.

Nine units arrived to the house on Blue River Drive before 2:30 a.m. Wednesday and found heavy smoke in the attic. They were able to pinpoint the origin to the garage.

Fire officials say a space heater that was keeping a dog warm in the garage caused the fire. The dog did not survive.

At the time of the fire, an elderly couple was inside the home and were awakened by their smoke alarm. They both made it out.

Their son, Lorenzo Chapman, tells us that by the time the smoke alarm went off waking them up, it was too late. They went to the garage door, but the doorknob was too hot to touch.

Houston Fire Senior Captain Scott Zogg says both made it outside safely, but the male had to be assessed on scene after telling firefighters he was having issues breathing.

Capt. Zogg tells FOX 26 it’s important not to keep your space heater on unattended. The heater should be away from clutter at least three feet. Firefighters recommend people follow this rule to avoid an item from catching on fire or burning.