Dog orphaned after his owner was killed in a car crash

Sixty-six year old Don Norton was killed while crossing North Lamar. Austin Police say when it happened on January 30, Norton, who is wheel-chair bound was crossing at a place without an intersection or crosswalk and the light was limited.

The driver of the car that hit him, stayed on the scene, according to Police. Norton was taken to a nearby hospital where he died four days later.

He left behind his twelve year old German Shepherd mix, Kariba.

"I should have brought a toy, I didn't think about it," says Sammye Darling.

The Founder and Executive Director of Texas Service Dogs says as she plays with the orphaned dog. "My mother passed away this September and it really touched my heart to think if she passed away, what would we do with her dogs?"

Darling is taking care of Kariba temporarily.

"He was left behind and he has no family that's able to take care of him," she says, adding, that Kariba was Norton's mobility assistance dog for more than a decade. "He would retrieve items such as if he dropped a pen or if he needed some items from the refrigerator."

And now she is trying to find him a new family, but because Kariba is older, Darling is looking for someone special to take care of him.

"We would just like for him to be a pet for now on and enjoy his golden years for a family that will love him forever."

Information on how you can adopt Kariba can be found on the Texas Service Dogs website.