Dog refuses to get ready for a walk, cutest thing ever

A weenie pup who was not thrilled to get ready for his walk has the internet in tears. 

Most dogs go crazy with joy at the mere mention of "walk." But Captain Weenie is not like most dogs-- he's a special little guy.

In a viral video his human Alex Backes is seen holding his harness and asking the rescue pup if he wants to go for a walk. 

But Captain Weenie is not having it! 

And it's not that he hates walks, he loves them! What he hates is getting ready for them. It's like getting a toddler dressed for school or a play date-- they'll fight you to put on their shoes!

Backes told FOX 5, "Normally he'll just go all dead weight. The "Blair witch" move was new attempt to avoid his walk. "

But it's the cutest thing ever!

As more and more pet accounts pop up on social media-- and they all deserve a follow-- we asked Backes how Captain's account was started. 

He told FOX 5, a buddy of his, who runs the pupular account @meanmugpug, convinced him to start one for Captain. 

Since the weenie is a rescue, Backes says they use his account to raise money for more rescues.

"Yea, we just sold 100 limited edition collectible pins, pic on his page. We will be donating all 2000 of the proceeds to "Dachshund Rescue LA" this Saturday. Kriser's  Natural Pets has agreed to donate an additional 1,000 and a ton of beds and food to help save some other weenies," Backes told FOX 5.  


For people looking to start up a successful pet account, Backes says to find that one thing that your dog does better than any other dog. 

Because they're all good dogs and each one has special talent. 

Another pro tip is to try and respond to every direct message with a unique icon or signature. Think how Beyonce's fan base comment the bee emoji in her pics but find one that works for your good pet.