Donald Trump holds private event in San Antonio

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump wrapped up his swing through Texas in Houston Friday night. He started the day in Dallas, where he held a rally Thursday night and then flew to San Antonio for a private event.

Donald Trump was greeted in San Antonio by protesters who were placed across the street from the Oak Hills country club and his supporters were at the main gate. It was a little rowdy, but it looked nothing like some of the other Trump rallies where protesters got out of control.

Ernest Gonzales showed up with the sign he made at a protest party Thursday night.

"And the point is kind of reference, the wall he claims he wants to have Mexico build and separate our country and try to make us safer I really don't think it's gonna happen. I don't think we're to get that wall built, and if you did, I don't think it's gonna make our country safer, you know," said Gonzales.

The San Antonio Police Department restricted traffic in front of the entrance to the Oak Hills Country Club where the Trump fundraiser was held. Ray Alvarado squeezed in with his big red sombrero hoping to get a view of the presumptive GOP nominee.

"We need somebody that we can trust. I represent a lot of military, I want to know that somebody we can trust somebody that's going to defend us support us if we are in a jam," said Alvarado.

At times it was a carnival like atmosphere.

"I got here as fast as I could before the wall goes up..."sang a guitar toting trump protester.

Across the street Anne Chick was hoping she would be able to give Trump a yellow rose.

"This yellow rose is for him from Texas ...I'd say God bless you, we love you," said Chick.

Sean Holmes, a San Antonio teenage convinced his mother to come to the Protest. "It's important to me to just stop the hate, stop all what Trump is doing, everything is camping stands for."

Concern for future generations is what brought Luisa Esparza to the Trump side of the street.

"I have grandkids and children and I want him to be safe this world when I'm the longer here and I believe that he will be the start to bringing to bring it back the way it used used to be when I grew up," said Esparza.

The Trump motorcade used a back entrance when it arrived. With helicopters flying above, Trump gave a wave  as he drove by the small group that was there. At the front gate, what appeared to be a decoy motorcade gave supporters something to cheer and protesters something to jeer.

No one really seemed to mind as long as they got to voice their opinion.

"We said that we are going to come down here and show him what San Antonio is all about," said Marisa Martinez, a Trump protester.