DPS report says violent crime on the rise in Texas's largest cities, including Austin

A new Texas Department of Public Safety report shows that violent crime is on the rise in Austin and in the state's three other largest cities.

The report examined violent crime increases in the state and the cities of Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. DPS includes murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault in violent crime totals.

From 2018 to 2019, the violent crime rate in Texas increased by 0.5 percent, and the violent crime volume increased by 1.1 percent. In Austin, the study shows an almost six percent increase in the rate of violent crime and a seven percent increase in volume.

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San Antonio saw the highest increase at 13 percent in the violent crime rate and 14.5 percent in the violent crime volume. Houston saw the lowest increase at 4.1 percent in the violent crime rate and 4.5 percent in the violent crime volume.

The report says a majority of violent crimes in major urban areas are being committed by violent offenders after their release from jail. In Travis County, that's about 79 percent, which is higher than Harris County (75 percent), Dallas County (68 percent) and Bexar County (62 percent). 



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The report says out of the almost 700,000 individuals arrested by Texas law enforcement officers in 2019, just over 70 percent had been previously arrested.

The breakdown of offenses reported by Austin police is as follows:

  • Murder: 32 reported in 2018, 32 reported in 2019
  • Rape: 787 reported in 2018, 534 reported in 2019
  • Robbery: 1,021 reported in 2018, 976 reported in 2019
  • Assault: 1,880 reported in 2018, 2,449 reported in 2019
  • Burglary: 4,549 reported in 2018, 4,345 reported in 2019
  • Larceny/Theft: 26,568 reported in 2018, 29,225 reported in 2019
  • Auto theft: 2,538 reported in 2018, 3,032 reported in 2019

The breakdown of offenses reported by the Travis County Sheriff's Office is as follows:

  • Murder: 6 reported in 2018, 2 reported in 2019
  • Rape: 123 reported in 2018, 116 reported in 2019
  • Robbery: 50 reported in 2018, 71 reported in 2019
  • Assault: 658 reported in 2018, 600 reported in 2019
  • Burglary: 701 reported in 2018, 762 reported in 2019
  • Larceny/Theft: 2,158 reported in 2018, 2,192 reported in 2019
  • Auto theft: 231 reported in 2018, 286 reported in 2019

Read the full DPS 2019 crime report below:

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