Drag shows in Houston open for families as one Texas lawmaker is drafting possible legal ban

One Texas lawmaker is working on a bill that would ban kids from attending drag shows in Texas.

Last weekend, cell phone video surfaced of kids inside a Dallas bar with their families for a drag performance. The children are on camera dancing with and tipping the entertainers.


"We need to do something as soon as possible," said State Rep. Bryan Slaton. "We have a lot of laws to protect children, and some of the laws to protect parents who make horrible decisions for their children. This is totally appropriate."

The new, possible bill, is gaining strong reactions from both sides. 

"I almost feel like this was an attack on us," said Pup Borque. "What kind of a danger were those kids in?"

"Back in my day, I quit doing drag eight years ago, we would have never," said Kevin Whitt, a former drag queen. "If anyone would have asked us to drag for kids, for a child, the answer would have been no."

Several drag events are scheduled in Houston this weekend for Pride Month. On Saturday, Yelp is teaming up with Snooze to host a drag brunch fundraiser in Montrose. They say the event is family-friendly.

"[People] can expect a special drag performance, musical interludes, in addition to your usual snooze flare," said Brittany Busby, a community manager for Yelp. "Drag along with your mimosa. We love to celebrate inclusivity."


Slaton says he’s still working on the details for possible legislation that would ban children from attending drag shows. 

"Leave the kids alone," said Whitt. "Let them grow up and go through natural puberty.  Whenever they get 18, [they can] make their own decisions from there."

"The kids [in Dallas] were having a good time," said Borque. "If the lawmakers want to know what is a danger, look at the school shootings."