Dripping Springs community rallies behind baseball little league player injured in car crash

It didn't matter what jersey you wore or who you cheered for Sunday, everyone in Dripping Springs was on the same team. Kids from all over Central Texas took to the baseball fields to show support for Will Allen, 7, and the sport he loves in a baseball benefit.

Tragedy struck when Will and his father Tim were in a car accident in early February. "When the wreck occurred it was pretty terrifying experience,” Allen said. “I thought initially that I had lost Will l but eventually I was able to get myself out of the truck and I heard him cry which was the best sound I could've heard."

The two were sent to separate hospitals. Allen was released a week ago but Will still has a way to go before he is fully recovered. "Will faces some major health obstacles but his mind is good, his neck is good, his upper body, his mind is good but he can't walk currently," Allen said.

News of Will's accident hit home for his teammates and the little league baseball community.

Rob Newmann a family friend said it took a while before the kids understood. "I would say the first few days are difficult on all the kids a lot of them asking when is will going to come home but they see things like will lifting himself out of the chair it's just a miracle every day and it's really helped the kids too," Newmann said.

More than 60 teams joined the baseball tournament the support was overwhelming for the Allen family.

"When the wreck initially happened as I was laying in the hospital I thought to myself there was no way I could live in this community. I didn't want to drive past this intersection but as the days went on the love and support and the people that came and lifted my people I quickly learned that Dripping Springs was my home for life," Allen said.



Will’s goal is to walk again he’ll be able to return home after a couple of weeks. The fundraising doesn’t end there. The family plans to create a foundation that helps children in similar situations as Will.

A GoFundMe has been set up to assist with medical costs and Will’s continuous rehabilitation.