Dripping Springs Vietnam Veteran and disabled brother get home upgrade from Home Depot

Richard Hutchison joined the army in 1966.

After spending some time at Fort Hood, he went off to war.

"Went to Vietnam with a unit that was activated out of San Antonio.  And spent 7 months in Mekong Delta on a rice paddy.  I spent the last 5 months in downtown Saigon," Hutchison said.

The Lt. Colonel spent 26 years in the military...including some time with the National Guard. -- Time he's very proud of.

"I was raised to believe that I owe a debt to my country.  And I don't feel I've paid that debt yet," he said.

Hutchison is retired now and lives in Dripping Springs taking care of his older brother John.

"I've got a brother that lives with me and he was hit by a drunk driver about 10 years ago and it ended up breaking one vertebrae and dislocating another.  So now he's paralyzed from about the stomach down," Hutchison said.

Hutchison says a few years ago he was able to help his brother get around but as Hutchison gets older, that gets more difficult.  That's where the Home Depot Foundation comes in.   This week they're doing some yard work and helping convert the downstairs to an ADA bathroom and bedroom -- a $7,500
project that Hutchison won't spend a dime on.

"As you can see, it was just a single half bath.  We're going to come in here and actually put a shower stall in, redo the toilet in the vanity areas so it's easier for Richard's brother to have access," said Josh Mayou with Home Depot.

Mayou says its part of a nationwide effort the home improvement company does 2 months out of the year called Celebration of Service.

"We go out and impact veterans' lives.  Go into their homes, make it safer, the quality of life, bring that up for them," he said.

Jamie Dorobek is a DIY blogger.  She built Hutchison and his brother a storage shelf for medical supplies and towels.

"It's nice that we're kind of bringing some joy to his life with Team Depot and making his life easier...both of their lives easier and better and hopefully even a little prettier," she said

"Different store associates come out and volunteer for the day, just give their time, their energy, their expertise to help out somebody else in the community...in this case a veteran, someone that's given a lot to their country, a lot to us," Mayou said.

"I really don't feel I deserve it.  I mean I haven't done anything all that special...but I do really appreciate what they're doing for me," Hutchison said.

Obviously he absolutely deserves this.  If you want to help veterans like Hutchison, Home Depot is donating a dollar every time someone shows support for veterans on social media by posting a picture and using the hashtag #serviceselfie