Drive-by animal shootings in Georgetown

A Georgetown man is scared for his safety after four of his ducks were fatally shot.

This isn't the first time his animals were targeted.

For the past two years Anthony Urbanski and his partner have been dealing with drive-by shootings.

It was Wednesday when they decided enough is enough.

Anthony Urbanski comes out here every morning to feed his animals.

"Come here guys," says Anthony Urbanski, homeowner.

It was early Wednesday morning when he noticed something was wrong.

"Well so far we've just found dead ducks and chickens," says Urbanski.

Urbanski immediately called the Williamson County Sheriff's Office over to his house off FM 972 in Georgetown.

They spent about a half hour looking for shell casings.

"They said the people had pulled into the ditch and stopped, got out and were shooting from the road. So that's what is scary, that someone got out, stopped and was standing here," says Urbanski.

A rude awakening since his bedroom is just yards away from where the ducks were found.

He is now concerned for he and his partners' safety.

"One, they're shooting in the dark, you know, killing these animals. They're shooting on my property. They could easily shoot in the bedroom and kill me," says Urbanski.

Urbanski says his animals have been targeted before and he doesn't want to see another senseless act.

He tells FOX 7 that the animals are a part of his family.

"I make sure they're healthy and I raise them up on these lights until they're big enough to go into the pond and then they live their life. You know, they're our family and it's all that hard work and one second it's gone," says Urbanski.

Urbanski will be installing several cameras around his property, hoping to deter or catch whoever is responsible.

He just wants all of this cruelty to come to an end.

"I love my family; I love my animals. If I have to sell and move, I will to feel safe. I mean, who wouldn't?" says Urbanski.

Urbanski thinks the killings could be a hate crime because of his sexual orientation.

The Williamson County Sheriff's Office confirmed the incident but could not comment any further since this is still an active investigation.