Drive-through coronavirus testing site to open in Cobb County

One of the first drive-through testing facilities in the metro Atlanta area for coronavirus will open Wednesday in Cobb County at Jim Miller Park.

This comes as the number of confirmed cases in the county now sits at 25.

Cobb County police told FOX 5, they will be helping route traffic but they aren’t just letting anyone in.

“This is strictly for people who have been identified with the virus and need confirmation,” said Cobb County Commission Chairman Mike Boyce.

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It's only for those considered high risk and with symptoms including health care workers, teachers and first responders who may have been exposed.

“This isn’t for everyone because we don’t have enough test kits,” said Boyce.

As the county prepares to open these services, the county government is transitioning to a limited operational status. Many employees will now be teleworking from home, but health and public safety services will not be impacted.

“It’s a great thing we are trying to get ahead of it,” said Cobb County resident Alexandria McMath.

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