Drug raid at mobile home in Bastrop County

The raid took place at a mobile home on Lone Star Circle, just west of the town of Bastrop.

Inside deputies found three handguns, an ak-47, cash and a large amount of drugs. The type of drugs discovered is what surprised Bastrop County Sheriff Maurice Cook.

“Is there’s just a lot of different kind of drugs. You use to find people with marijuana, or you’d find somebody with cocaine, or heroin or something, but here there is a smorgasbord of just drugs, take your pick,” said Cook.

Johnny Ray Wolridge, who lives near the home was also surprised. Investigators cataloged four grams of ecstasy, four grams of Xanax, $2,000 in currency and more drugs they haven’t identified yet. Wolridge knows the man who lives in the home who has been identified him as Ricky Aldridge Jr.

“This guy here would give you the shirt off his back. You know what I’m saying...I’m shocked, I’m shocked ...I’m shocked, I'm really am cause it's like he didn’t bother anybody,” said Wolridge.

Aldridge was arrested along with Ryan Cavazos who is from Austin. Both are facing weapons and drug charges. Federal charges are also being considered.

Kenneth Lemuel, who lives on Lone Star Circle, said residents there tend to watch out for each other. 

“The cops did what they needed to do, it’s as simple as that. I feel sorry for the young man, but you know sometimes you get caught up in things you shouldn’t be doing,” said Lemuel.

While the raid was a major operation, what set everything in motion was the violation of a protection order. Aldridge allegedly was accused of domestic violence.

Investigators are now turning their attention to the ak-47 they found. Ballistic tests are being done to determine if the rifle was used in a recent drive by shooting. Meanwhile, on Lone Star Circle residents like Amanda Wilson hope authorities won’t forget about them.

“Because it’s getting worse and worse, and I think that you know people should just start recognizing that more,” said Wilson.

Cook says he understands the frustration felt by those who live in the neighborhood and other parts of the county where drug trafficking occurs.

“All we can do is curb it, and work as hard as we can work. I think our people are doing an amazing job. We ran over 30 something search warrants last year,” said Cook.

This raid sets the tone for what could be another busy year.