Dry Weather Withers Local Corn profits

Our hot summer is taking a toll on local farmers.

According to the "Texas Drought Monitor" most of Central Texas is in an abnormally dry state, while Williamson County is experiencing a moderate drought. Those who grow corn are seeing potential profits - dry up.

"There's just not much there,” said Steven Raesz a corn farmer near Taylor.

For Steven Raesz, farming is in his roots. "My dad farmed (and) my grandpa farmed," said Raesz.

Every year he relies on the rain. This year, his corn fields are being cornered by mother nature.

“We have to make a good crop every year to make ends meet, to make a living and this year we are going to be short about 30%," said Raesz.

Like the corn, the lack of rain is withering profits. According to Reasz, water doesn't just help keep corn alive it also helps it grow. planting corn in the first place doesn't come cheap.

"I'd say on average this year in our county it costs $300 an acre; that's seed, fertilizer, chemicals, diesel, rent equipment expense," said Raesz.

Raesz estimates they are losing around $100 to $150 an acre.

"You start farming a thousand, 2 thousand, 3 thousand acres you get pretty far in the hole," said Raesz.

While harvest is under way, for now Raesz says all he can do is hope next year's season will be right as rain.