41 DWI arrests took place during APD's 2022 Fourth of July Weekend No Refusal Initiative

The Austin Police Department (APD) 2022 Fourth of July Weekend No Refusal Initiative resulted in 41 DWI arrests.

The operation happened every night from June 30-July 4 between 10 p.m.-5 a.m.

In total, there were 41 DWI arrests during the operation. From the list of those arrests, the following number had additional DWI charges:

  • Consent Breath Samples over .15 = 10
  • Class A Misdemeanor DWI (with prior conviction) = 4
  • Felony DWI (2 or more prior convictions) = 5
  • Felony DWI Child Passenger = 1

There were also several blood search warrants and consent samples:

  • Blood Search Warrants: 16
  • Consent Breath Samples: 24
  • Consent Blood Samples: 1

"The Austin Transportation Department and Austin Police Department focus on preventing lives from being lost on the streets, highways, and waterways of Austin. The Department is dedicated to making the roadways and waterways of Austin safe for residents and visitors through education and enforcement," APD said in a statement.