East Austin mom intervenes in fight involving child

This is footage of the aftermath of what Toni Thomas says was a fight outside of Texas Empowerment Academy. “It was a lady who appeared to be an adult and a child who was 12 years old. He was on the ground helpless and she was swinging at him," said Thomas.

She said based on information she got at the scene, she realized the boy had special needs. 

The incident happened on school grounds, but Toni said not much was done by staff.

"I observed one of the teachers standing there as the incident that occurred." Instead of calling the police I went live on Facebook so I can have footage to protect myself in case I have to intervene if there were three or four adults fighting," said Thomas.

After calling and verifying the incident occurred, the Texas Empowerment Academy did not want to provide a comment Thursday afternoon. Thomas kept the video posted on Facebook, which school officials did not like. They did call her and express that.

"You cannot go on school and record a child so you need to remove the video. This morning I got another call from the same man who owns the school saying a teacher said I bucked her."

Police eventually arrived, and tempers settled. 

"They have already started retaliating against me because I did get the footage," said Thomas.

In fear of further retaliation Thomas removed her daughter from the school. She still feels she did the right thing by intervening and trying to help the child.

"I feel with adequate support and guidance he can be helped," said Thomas.