Elderly Taylor couple receives new roof thanks to veterans assistance program

An elderly military couple received a new roofing repair thanks to the help of a local nonprofit.

"I probably couldn't have afforded this for many, many years. I'm 70 years old. I do not need to be on the roof," said Royce Daniels.

Royce Daniels is a U.S. Marine Sargent, he served back in the 1970s. The couple retired in Taylor, Royce's wife June’s hometown, and bought a house on the West side of town in 1999.

The repair job was made possible by another job, according to Jason McCombs with Top Dog Roofing.

"So almost dumb luck. We had, one of my reps had done some work for a couple of daughters of his and ended up getting referred to him. Came out for a leak on his house, ended up finding that it was a really old roof, and that he was a veteran and needed. So we jumped to see what we could do to help him," said McCombs.

The Cedar Park contractor is part of a veteran’s support program that includes Owens Corning, and a nonprofit called Purple Heart Homes.

"It's amazing, man. Just to be able to give back to veterans that have served and giving back so much for us. Giving back a little bit of peace of mind, a little bit of safety, knowing that they've got a roof, that it's going to last for years over their heads. The least we can do," said McCombs.

The project started early morning on Friday, March 3. The removal, inspection, and replacement moved fast, and it was almost too good to be true for the Daniels.

"There are a lot of scams going on these days, and I think you should always keep your eyes wide open. And if someone offers you something for free, check it out first. Do what I did. There are a lot of good people, a lot of good people out there, as evidenced right here," said Royce Daniels.

A little more than 400 veterans have been helped by the program which began in 2016. Now, a vetting process is done and not everyone who applies is approved, but you don’t know if you don’t ask.

"There is help out there. There are resources. There are good people that want to help and want to do right by the people that have given so much for our country. And so my message to them is just look up the resources in your area and, you know, reach out to top dog roofing. We're willing to help however we can for any veteran in need," said McCombs.

McCombs said they helped the couple fill out the paperwork and are willing to help others who want to know if they are eligible for the assistance.

Royce and June Daniels are examples of how that help makes a difference.

"Oh, you know, Roof was kind of probably the most important part of your house. When the roof leaks, the rest of the house goes with it. So, yeah, I'm happy," said Royce Daniels.