Election 2020: Watch NewsNOW from FOX for Election Day coverage

Election Day on Nov. 3 is likely to be one of the most consequential moments in U.S. presidential history, and NewsNOW from FOX will have live coverage as results roll in and news breaks.

Here is just a look at some of the special coverage for NewsNOW viewers:

  • Live coverage from key battleground states
  • Real time speeches and reaction from politicians, moments after races are called
  • Insight from top political reporters across the country
  • Live reports from polling places and ballot counting locations

Samsung TV owners can view the live reporting and analysis from the NewsNOW team on channel 1006 on Samsung TV Plus.

More than 73 million Americans had already voted, absentee or by mail, less than a week before the 2020 election — a number that broke early voting records. The coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 227,000 people in the United States, has injected new uncertainty into an already politically fraught landscape.

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The only way to win the White House is through the Electoral College, a uniquely American institution which gives weight to swing states ahead of the 2020 election. 

The path to the presidency relies on about a dozen key swing states which are viewed as important in determining the outcome of the election. NewsNOW will be closely monitoring these critical states on Election Day.

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Complete coverage kicks off at 4 p.m. ET on Nov. 3, and will continue through election night.

Watch full election coverage on NewsNOW from FOX Nov. 3.