Voting extended in Bell County by 1 hour after polls experienced delays

Officials say that voting has been extended by one hour in Bell County after eight polling locations experienced delays this morning due to a technical glitch.

County officials say they're back online now, but each of these locations had issues with the check-in machines related to this weekend's time change.

Election staff and Technology Services employees were deployed to fix the problem.

The issue led to delays in the opening of facilities and long wait times for voters, so county officials requested an extra hour of voting from the Secretary of State.

The request was approved and all Bell County Voting Centers will remain open this evening until 8:00 p.m.


For information on Bell County's wait times, visit their app at

The locations impacted by today's technical glitch included:

  • #1 located in Belton Nazarene Church
  • #18 located in St. Paul Chong Hasang Catholic Church in Harker Heights
  • #26 located in the Temple College Pavilion
  • #30 located in First Baptist Church of Moffat
  • #31 located in First Baptist Church of Rogers
  • #33 located in Boy's Ranch in Ivy Gap
  • #36 located in the Triple 7 Fire Station in Killeen
  • #38 located in the West Bell Water Supply Office in Killeen

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